Horoscope for the year 2019

We foretell the horocopes from the tarot cards. There are 12+1 special tarot cards chosen for each sign.

Every card is for one month of the year. One card is a key card for all year.

Horoscopes from tarot cards predict for you fortune teller Anežka from the Czech Republic.

When somebody is born, the stars appear in a particular position. Let´s read your horoscope which is pointed out for your Zodiac sign.

Tarots Horoscopes for the year 2019

Pisces( 21.02 - 20.03 ) Horoscopes for the year 2019

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January - Page of pentacles

Somebody who is a reveler. Chaotic and impatient person who constantly needs money.

February - Eight of pentacles

Impatience, desire for quick success at the expense of your reputation and quality. You may lose your job.

March - Ten of pentacles

The key word is hoarded wealth. Narrow-minded traditionalism which is set against new ideas. Some problems with the heritage. Family disputes over money.

April - Knight of cups

There is going to be lots of opportunities and offers available for you so just accept them.

May - The hanged man

You are hobbled by egoism. Manipulation and blackmail. You make yourself suffer.

June - Two of pentacles

A period full of changes. You’ll get over those tough times. Difficult situations will make you feel better. Keep meditating, relaxing and talking to your inside and other people as well. You’ll feel a relief.

July - Queen of swords

Mischievous and jealous person. May be is bashful. She/he strictly judges ideas of morality and deeds of other people.

August - King of cups

You’ll get more interested in arts. You’ll enjoy the nicer side of life and you'll be aware of your responsibility more than ever before.

September - Knight of wands

You’re going to be temperament and energetic fighter, a generous friend and maybe a passionate lover.

October - Nine of wands

The key word is resistance. Stubbornness, refusing the compromise, ungovernable wills obstinate and fallacious opinions.

November - Three of cups

The key word is sociality. You believe that the inclination of other people is self-evident. Unrestrained passion and promiscuity. Love triangle in love affair. One sided love.

December - Knight of pentacles

Stuffy and flexile person who misses fantasies. She/he is not interested in anything, isn’t courageous. She/he is self-satisfied and negligent.

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