Horoscope for the year 2019

We foretell the horocopes from the tarot cards. There are 12+1 special tarot cards chosen for each sign.

Every card is for one month of the year. One card is a key card for all year.

Horoscopes from tarot cards predict for you fortune teller Anežka from the Czech Republic.

When somebody is born, the stars appear in a particular position. Let´s read your horoscope which is pointed out for your Zodiac sign.

Tarots Horoscopes for the year 2019

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January - The Pope

Bad advice, uncertainty and mental confusion, crisis of trust and bad leading. The best choice is to set up your own rules.

February - Ten of swords

Horror is the key word. Worries and dreamless nights, animosity and slander will make you not trust anyone. Guilt may cause self-punishment in some cases. But note that suffering has its brighter side like unpleasant surgeries that make you feel better in the end. Women might suffer from gynecological difficulties.

March - The World

The success has not been reached yet. You may face your own uncertainty. You are too much attached to something which keeps you from moving forward. You lack a vision.

April - King of wands

You’ll empower your influence on others.

May - The Tower

False allegations, oppression. You will make sudden changes or you will let the hostile attitude come out, which will surprise other people or by which they will be even shaken by.

June - Six of pentacles

The key word is generosity. Unreasonable loss of money. Wasting of your sources. Careless spending your possessions.

July - Ace of pentacles

Finding your roots is the key. The time of wealth is about to begin. This card symbolizes a strong platform you can rely on. This month means certainty, stability and improvement of your financial situation – surprising cash grant or winning a prize.

August - Seven of pentacles

You have to be very patient because your plans will be put into practice very slowly. It may seem that you’re not doing anything in order to make it happen but that is not true.

September - The Devil

Firm force, tyranny, animal-ism and eagerness. Huge barrier you’re not able to get over, you just must go around it. Dissatisfaction and depression coming from your wild desire to be powerful. The Devil also stands for unbreakable bonds and therefore it might be a bizarre indication of an upcoming marriage.

October - Page of pentacles

Somebody who is a reveler. Chaotic and impatient person who constantly needs money.

November - King of swords

Suspicious and mistrustful person who intrigues and plays dirty tricks, or a faker.

December - The Empress

Disheartening treatment, tyranny, emotional blackmail or potential poverty. Pregnancy complications.