Horoscope for the year 2019

We foretell the horocopes from the tarot cards. There are 12+1 special tarot cards chosen for each sign.

Every card is for one month of the year. One card is a key card for all year.

Horoscopes from tarot cards predict for you fortune teller Anežka from the Czech Republic.

When somebody is born, the stars appear in a particular position. Let´s read your horoscope which is pointed out for your Zodiac sign.

Tarots Horoscopes for the year 2019

Pisces( 21.02 - 20.03 ) Horoscopes for the year 2019

Aries( 21.03 - 20.04 ) Horoscopes for the year 2019

January - Eight of pentacles

Impatience, desire for quick success at the expense of your reputation and quality. You may lose your job.

February - Four of cups

Somebody/something that will get you bored. Fear of loneliness, enormous tendency toward sensuality. Depression that can lead to alcohol problems.

March - The Sun

Success, fame, honor, happiness, health, entertainment, enjoying your life, a nice friendly meeting and being lucky in love. This card may represent summer or sunny places as well as children, maybe good news about birth or a pregnancy you’ve been praying for.

April - Three of cups

The key word is sociality. You believe that the inclination of other people is self-evident. Unrestrained passion and promiscuity. Love triangle in love affair. One sided love.

May - Ace of pentacles

The key word is foundation. Greed, uncertainty and problems with money. Unreliable investment and unwise speculations.

June - Seven of cups

An important decision has to be made but there are many different ways to take. Think about it carefully. Not everything is as it seems. So many doors are opened for you but use your instincts to determine the right way.

July - The High Priestess

Postpone all your plans because somewhere are hidden obstacles or enemies.

August - Three of wands

The key word is happiness. This card is the card of happiness. Success is waiting for you and your present worries will soon be a thing of the past. Still you must have patience and your problems will end soon.

September - Queen of swords

You’ll be intelligent, independent, reasonable, very perceptive and you shouldn’t be underestimated. You’ll stay calm and prudent in critical situations.

October - Two of cups

Reciprocity is the key word. Harmonic relationships and emotional satisfaction. The card suggests that you might be attracted to a complete antagonism of yourself, it might symbolize co-operation, mutual respect, friendship or the end of rivalry.

November - Strength

Physical forcefulness and courageousness which win against hatred and evil. Triumph over your enemies. Fast recovery after sickness. Struggle for victory of justice.

December - Page of swords

Fight to be successful!

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