Horoscope for the year 2015

We foretell the horocopes from the tarot cards. There are 12+1 special tarot cards chosen for each sign.

Every card is for one month of the year. One card is a key card for all year.

Horoscopes from tarot cards predict for you fortune teller Anežka from the Czech Republic.

When somebody is born, the stars appear in a particular position. Let´s read your horoscope which is pointed out for your Zodiac sign.

Tarots Horoscopes for the year 2015

Pisces( 21.02 - 20.03 ) Horoscopes for the year 2015

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January - Six of swords

Journey is the key word. You ward off a danger. Look before you leap. Social meetings, friendly get togethers with people who are on the same page. Urgent problems will be solved. There’s a new way promising success.

February - The Empress

You have plenty of everything, you’re wealthy, your family life full of protection and certainty is great. You have a solid background for doing well in the future. This card may suggest birth, motherhood. Difficulties might come up if you’re pregnant.

March - Knight of pentacles

Don’t rely on accidents. Don’t be afraid of hard work and responsibility.

April - The Magician

Deception and disappointment. Give a careful consideration on whom you can rely on.

May - Seven of swords

Insincerity is the key word this month. You have to be sincere otherwise you won’t be living a happy life. Think about everything carefully. If you want to success it might be necessary to make a sacrifice.

June - Judgment

Losing opportunities, misgivings. Stubborn insistence on your attitude. Fear of death and illness. Rejection of a needed change. Delaying events.

July - Four of cups

Somebody/something that will get you bored. Fear of loneliness, enormous tendency toward sensuality. Depression that can lead to alcohol problems.

August - Queen of pentacles

Greed and possessiveness. Fear of new changes. Mistrustful person.

September - Six of wands

Timidity, delayed success, fright of the future. Expectations are good even if you worry about something.

October - The High Priestess

Postpone all your plans because somewhere are hidden obstacles or enemies.

November - Two of pentacles

The key word is change. Carefree handling of money and guarantees. Headlong wagers in gambling games which can result in bankruptcy.

December - Four of swords

Regeneration is the key word. Withdrawal of the harder things in life. You get a chance to relax and consolidate your thoughts. It’s a good time to lay out your new strategies. You’ll have to visit a hospital but not necessarily because of your own problems.

Aquarius( 21.01 - 20.02 ) Horoscopes for the year 2015