Horoscope for the year 2016

We foretell the horocopes from the tarot cards. There are 12+1 special tarot cards chosen for each sign.

Every card is for one month of the year. One card is a key card for all year.

Horoscopes from tarot cards predict for you fortune teller Anežka from the Czech Republic.

When somebody is born, the stars appear in a particular position. Let´s read your horoscope which is pointed out for your Zodiac sign.

Tarots Horoscopes for the year 2016

Pisces( 21.02 - 20.03 ) Horoscopes for the year 2016

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January - Knight of pentacles

Stuffy and flexile person who misses fantasies. She/he is not interested in anything, isn’t courageous. She/he is self-satisfied and negligent.

February - Nine of pentacles

The key word is comfort. Large debts or success in your life based on misfortune of other people. Danger of theft.

March - Six of pentacles

The key word is generosity. Unreasonable loss of money. Wasting of your sources. Careless spending your possessions.

April - King of swords

Suspicious and mistrustful person who intrigues and plays dirty tricks, or a faker.

May - Ace of wands

Uneasiness. Uncertain desire to change something of your own accord. Lack of encouragement and need of support from other people.

June - Three of pentacles

The key word is development. Danger of squandering your talent. Conservative attitude. You procrastinate to run the risk.

July - Two of swords

You will be betrayed by somebody to whom you trust. Dupery and stratagem. Your indecisiveness also may be to blame.

August - The Fool

Foolishness, madness, insufficient forethought.

September - Three of wands

The key word is happiness. This card is the card of happiness. Success is waiting for you and your present worries will soon be a thing of the past. Still you must have patience and your problems will end soon.

October - Eight of pentacles

Impatience, desire for quick success at the expense of your reputation and quality. You may lose your job.

November - Four of cups

Satiety is the key word. What more than working relationship can you possibly wish for? But being too intimate might also lead to neglect and satiety. Even a long lasting relationship needs a new spark. It is necessary to find new interests, hobbies and friends (also for those who are not in love).

December - The Chariot

You have won, you have gotten over tough and unpleasant times. The power of fate calls for an action. Traveling, movement, optimism and motivation. Being more self-conscious is the key to success. Unexpected good news are about to be revealed.

Aquarius( 21.01 - 20.02 ) Horoscopes for the year 2016